Privacy Policy - Data Usage

A "user" herein may be described as "you", "the user" ,"account holder", "IP address", "publisher", "individual", "subscriber" "visitor" or "person".

As of 2014 Speakly does not purposely authorize, share or disclose any user's information with any third party affiliates, with the exception of our current hosting service provider which may have access to such information.

You are responsible for any personal information that you provide to us or share with others who you may or may not know. Please take caution and review what you decide to post for others to see.

Speakly may use a user's information to improve that users experience or to improve our services for that user and or other users who use Speakly. If you so choose to share, tag, post, or link your account information with others who you know or do not know, then you are agreeing to display such personal information with these users at your own risk.

Any personal information that you provide to us that is part of a visible web page to the public or that may be visible to others via search engines, including but not limited to names, profile pictures, postings etc., maybe available to others for viewing or saved on third party servers. Any other information you choose to share can also be made public under these circumstances.

Speakly cannot guarantee each user's secure connection to the internet inside their country of origin or a user's device.

You may be asked to verify your account by supplying a valid email address which you are the legitimate owner of and which you are responsible for.


When and if payments are made through our services such payments and transactions may be subject to further terms in the future.


A user's "cookies" may be stored on our hosting provider's servers. The hosting provider's cookie does not store Passwords. These cookies are simply used to help improve a users experience. You may need cookies to access the site and or be able to use its functionality.



Terms of Use
Users may not violate the following rules set forth by Speakly and or its subsidiaries. The following forms of expression are not allowed through our services.

·         Death threats, false claims or false accusations upon any users and/or individuals

·         Cause personal or bodily harm to one's self or other users and/or individuals

·         Engage in Bullying/ Cyber Bullying

·         Uploading harmful content including any virus', spamming, add phishing hyperlinks, transmit, store or upload spyware.

·         Post false, or private information regarding others and/or a business entity without their permission or written consent

You are bound and agree to these terms upon login to our site and are held accountable for any actions you may take.

You, the user or, account holder/IP address or publisher is responsible for all content, or any material posted or saved on Speakly servers whether publicly or privately.  You must be the owner of any content you upload display or post on Speakly and by doing so you are giving us permission to display your content on our website for others to view as well as others outside of Speakly's site. This right is granted until you terminate you account with us.

Speakly can store and hold your material on our private servers but cannot guarantee that it will not be downloaded or shared by others.

Work that has not obtained the legal rights to be publish or reproduce on our servers such material that may be deemed infringement of copyright, trademark etc., by a third party and that is not owned by the individual/user who posts such work or by Speakly or any of Speakly's subsidiaries could be removed from users accounts as well as Speakly servers.


By agreeing to our terms you have read and are fully aware of each rule put forward by Speakly and you agree to these terms of use.


Age Requirements
Users must be at least 13 years old to use Speakly.  We cannot guarantee or verify individual's true age upon login. We willfully promote that all parents take more active steps in the monitoring, awareness of their child's activities on the internet.

Policy Changes

These Terms and Policies are subject to review and can change at any time.